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GPS Vehicle Tracker (No power reqd) View full size

GPS Vehicle Tracker (No power reqd)

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Unique Features:

  1. No power required-can track for 3 years*
  2. Smart lock (sms based lock/unlock)
  3. Can be Hidden or Magnetically attached, or firmly tightened
  4. Sends alarm if route is deviated
  5. Auto sleep mode in motionless state
  6. Sends tracking on real time or as per frequency set
  7. GPS/LBS/GPRS mode.

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Vehicle Trackers are used for tracking commercial vehicles (Taxi, Truck, Bus, Special vehicles such as cash vans, refrigerated vans, etc). Today, all these require external power of 9V/12V and major concern in tracking is drivers remove the power plug to go off the track.

Load Dial Vehicle Trackers requires no external power. It is a small device, which comes with inbuilt rechargeable battery which can last for 3 years* without recharge. This device thus can be hidden or magnetically attached, or tightened with screw to make it ubiquitous tracking device firmly attached to vehicle.

The unique feature is, it comes in 3 variants: (1) with SMART lock, which is steel lock (pad lock or additional container lock) which if tampered, sends off alarm. (2) Container Trackers - if container or puller is separated, this device tracks container independently of vehicle tracker (3) Temperature Tracker - say in refrigerator vehicles which can also monitor temperature / humidity. 

However, in this particular product you are purchasing, smart lock or container lock set or temperature monitor is not included. This is plain GPS Vehicle Tracker you are purchasing. Other product variant listed separately. 

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