As a logistics manager of your company or as booking & commission agent transporter, or as a vehicle driver / owner / fleet owner, your task is very straight, yet very complicated. (1) Transporting goods from Place A to Place B SAFELY AND ON TIME (2) Maximizing or minimizing the cost or profit in such transportation.

The sales / distribution / marketing / production managers in companies are always behind your collar for any delays in material / goods availability. Similarly, for those owing vehicle, any delay in load availability adds to productivity loss by keeping the truck idle on road and still paying the EMI’s. Even for transporter, who is a broker, either the company manager or the vehicle driver sits on his head to arrange for transportation and he always has an irony – vehicle available does not want to ply on load available route, and its compromise eventually, making the profit margins of trucker very less and costs of corporate manager in shipping high. None of the problem gets solved, why - because the match making between loads available and vehicle available is within the limited set of vehicles and load. This matching making is very real time, dynamic and it is here, comes into picture.

Management theories have quantitative techniques which can optimize routes, mileages, loads and vehicles. But real time situation always is of no choice. Hence, can help you significantly to save on your shipping costs, time if you are corporate manager and at same time, maximize the earnings of transporter or vehicle owner, because of sophisticated match making engine.

Now you don’t have to purchase a logistics / transportation management software for your organization. Get it free from us and access it anytime, anywhere. The fleet operator can track all the schedules and vehicles, so as transporters track all the billings and corporate managers manage their entire logistics for free. is available on phone, sms, whatsapp, email and online. All payment options are just a click away, including cash cards and cash on delivery. The escrow feature means the payments are released only after both parties are satisfied. And the deals and value add on are just super – where you get packaging, warehousing, errands facility that can be combined as end to end service offering.

What more, our loyalty rewards program means up to 20% cash back which can be redeemed in cash or kind across various options.

The simplest and most effective way of transportation is now available. BOOK NOW!

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