Errands or personal or commercial assistance, as a concept is catching very fast in India. We Indian’s often don’t care about time loss in unnecessary, unproductive tasks which can be just outsourced. Thereby we don’t tend to focus on core business. Focus is very important for business growth. Say, you want to shift your household from place A to place B. Doing all mundane tasks yourself means wage lost, leave lost, often stress and health issues or simply quality time which you can devote to your family. Even if you are businessman, you tend to be completely on phone, at odd hours, travel and very often for mundane tasks which can and should be delegated. If you have a business, focus on networking, marketing or operations. Simply outsource mundane tasks which anybody can do professionally, like us, who has dedicated and shared resources to help manage tasks and time for discerning businesses like yours.

Errand services in transportation may mean, right from collections, documentations, liasioning, verifications, loading-unloading, packaging, to managing your mundane or routine departments such as accounts or administration – all on phone, or online.

You can club our errands service with other offerings in transportation or simply order specific errands service NOW!


GPS is a small phone in the size and shape of the ID Card. The front side of this ID Card can be labelled with your details and the back side of this electronic ID card has 4 button phone. The devise thus has a sim card but no display and just 4 keys. You can configure the keys to any number you want. Thus the vehicle driver carrying this electronic ID card can display his ID Card, use as keys; it can come with cash card or mobile wallet, or just use it as phone for calling only to specific numbers you configure. You can thus keep track of vehicle on phone, through sms or even call the driver in silent mode, where the phone gets connected but he does not come to know, and you can hear the surrounding and keep a watchful eye or ear on his movements.

For customers, this devise helps them to know real time updates / locations on their phone, without them calling us for updates. rents out or sells this GPS devise to its drivers at subsidized price points for better coordination. We thus are literally away by pressing of single key!

Call us NOW and enquire! You should at least offer this devise to your drivers as a Road Safety devise as it has an SOS feature in case of issues.

This is the way, through which we broadcast our road safety awareness information and updates to all drivers which driver can listen if they are not driving. The real transportation radio!

Get your GPS from us TODAY!

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