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RSDAS Description :

RSDAS is an acronym for Road Safety Drivers Accreditation System. RSDAS believes safety resides in mind and drivers if given behavioural training, it will not only help reduce road fatalities but also improve their personal, social and family lives, indirectly also contributing to Road Safety.

RSDAS believes, drivers need to be motivated to undertake training. Thus pull should be created from people, individuals, and corporate recruiting drivers by way of hiring RSDAS certified drivers. Then they will automatically strive to improve their RSDAS Scores, undergo trainings, and lead a safer society. Safer him is safer us. RSDAS thus encourages people to employ RSDAS Certified drivers.

RSDAS membership is thus absolutely free for drivers. Since people will be benefiting from trained, safe, verified drivers, they are expected to “donate” Rs 500 one time towards this. Similar Corporate are encouraged to donate Rs 1 Lac towards this. Such funds so collected are 100% utilized to train drivers, provide them certification, and provide a platform to hire safe drivers. All donations are income tax exempt and proper feedback report, funds utilization reports can be easily accessed. What more, RSDAS encourages volunteers to join this innovative program and see its utility from front and spread the awareness about safe driving leading to improved Road Safety scenario in India.