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Service Description :

We get used vehicle buy-sell enquiries from 68000+ service providers in transportation industry. These are vehicle drivers, fleet owners, booking agent transporters, brokers, from our RSDAS franchisees and even from our shipping partners and container leasing agents / stuffing agencies.

Our mobile app is easy tool to create buy or sell enquiries. Such enquiries are verified and followed by our back end teams. At times, our local franchisees in those cities physically go ad verify the listing by inspecting the vehicles. Where ever we have service repair partners, it becomes easy for them to verify the condition of vehicle / equipments and certify it as per our certification criteria. The enquiry is then uploaded for display to all our wider audience. If anybody is interested in purchasing it, we coordinate with end customer and help close the sale.

For this we charge upfront Rs 8,000 for such handshake. Customers get to see as many models / selling parties for period of 3 months as they wish from our site. In addition, they also get our advertising package worth Rs 8000 free of cost which can either be used to display advertising or for getting preferred load enquiries from our platform.