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Service Description :

Truck Dial has more than 68,000 transporters listed on to its platform and thus has huge database of vehicle owners. It has identified vehicles which can be used for advertisement displays. If an advertiser would like to use this space for advertisements, Truck Dial expects following from him:

(a) Digital contract / letter of understanding between him and vehicle owner, facilitated by Truck Dial

(b) Providing collaterals, prints and accessories to Truck Dial and onward submission from Truck Dial to respective vehicle owner

(c) The payment would start after the advertisement is put on vehicle for which Truck Dial’s app has functionality, which can give GPS locations, time-date stamped photos of proof of display of advertisement.

(d) The payment is done by advertiser to vehicle owner directly by crediting vehicle owners Truck Dial Loyalty card. Truck Dial thus will have no role in such payments. Truck Dial will however give facility to advertiser to do bulk payments and auto credit to respective vehicle owners. In the event of any non payment or outstanding, Truck Dial will keep vehicle owner updated on such issues and will not be responsible for any outstanding as the contract will be between advertiser and vehicle owner directly with Truck Dial just facilitating the transaction.

(e.) Truck Dial will provide to advertiser a facility to get reports of total kms / cities displayed of add and other statistics.

(f) This initiative of Truck Dial is of helping its vehicle owner partner to capitalize on space display for incremental income generation.