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Service Description :

Often you see vehicles with load parked for days together or material languishing on filthy roadside make shift warehouses for hundreds of reasons which can be genuine or implied. Many times you need warehousing solutions because your clients want “just in time” deliveries or you are in transit transportation of hub & spoke model or you just need to stock your inventories of finished goods in order to serve your customer instantly, such as same day deliveries.

Warehousing requirements in all above scenarios are different and it is still different for various kinds of loads where you may require refrigerated warehousing or special kind of warehousing for inflammable goods or hazardous materials. Plus you need a facility which is hygienic, accessible, properly stacked with adequate material handling equipments, free from rodents and insects and preferably with latest RFID and other technologies which enables faster material in and out movements.

It is these precise reasons that has separate dedicated unit for warehousing, which lists, rates, verifies, warehousing facilities and partners and helps present you solutions which are best for your type of goods. What more, escrow payment feature ensures payments are released only after confirmation of both and various modes of payments available along with lucrative up to 20% cash back in the form of rewards & loyalty points, makes you sorted.

Now leave your entire transportation requirements to us, right from load / vehicle available to packaging to warehousing to insurance to errands. Though, you can also place your independent warehousing order on us.

Why wait. The solution is just comprehensive and unique.

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